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Welcome to the web site. This is where you will find information on the musical adventures of Jim Ittenbach, including his work with Troubled Spirit. From this vantage point you can access information on all the aspects of Jim's musical efforts which includes:

  • Musician 
  • Songwriter 
  • Recording Engineer 
  • Mixing Engineer 
  • Producer 
  • Live Sound Engineer 
  • Web Development
  • Recording Studio Construction 

This is the starting point to your adventure into the realms of From here you can navigate to any of the categories of the various content found here. Jim Ittenbach is a multi-instrumentalist whose Ian Anderson like flute playing has gained him notoriety in the Baltimore/Washington area. He is also a guitarist and vocalist as well. He has proved to be a premier songwriter and lyricist with his song catalog, which covers subjects ranging from love, life, social issues and more. Disappointments in his early attempts to create optimal environments in both live performances and studio projects motivated him to learn the skills he would use later use as both a live and studio engineer. In the seventies he started his own sound reinforcement company called Itt-N-Rock. His skillful use of his three-way PA system made him a highly sought after live engineer. Later his desire to capture his original music properly lead him to take Recording Institute Association of America (RIAA) recording classes at Sheffield Studios outside of Baltimore, Maryland. His desire to learn more about the process led him assist Edge City with their pre-production work for their By The Water EP. Around the same time he became an assistant engineer at Paul Weager's Nye Timber Studios. Later he would become associated with Dwayne Whitmore's Chesapeake Music Works as both a web developer and an engineer. Jim along with his friend Tim Coderre assisted Ray Tilken's of Ambient Studios in the transition from analog recording to Pro Tools. Currently Jim is assisting Ray as a web developer. This relationship has also allowed Jim to gain mentorship from Ray and occasionally some assistant production work, including work with Jon Dick and AJay Parnham.

Learning web development was again born out of necessity. Initially this skill set was used to create a web presence for his band Troubled Spirit. Follow that effort Jim created sites for his church, Chesapeake Music Works and Ambient Studios.

Studio construction is his next major project. Not surprisingly this was also spawned by a musical requirement. Recording in a house of very busy professionals and students limits his ability to spend the time he needs to hone his songs properly. As a result he is undertaking a soundproofing project for Troubled Basement Studios. There is much more involved than initially meets the eye. This whole process will be documented on this site to assist others who might want to do the same thing.

Every aspect listed above is covered in detail in the pages on this site. Every effort will be made to provide this information in a way that will assist others who are traveling down a similar path. The goal is to help promote music by sharing information.


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